Beauty is a characteristic that is used to describe an attribute that is perceived to exhibit satisfaction or pleasure. This is most likely something that looks very nice. It is therefore an aspect that is known to attract preferential treatment over others. Human beings have various standards through which beauty is determined. Sometimes psychological orientations determine the trends and perceptions on which beauty is propagated 1. Social and cultural structures also make the platforms on which beauty is determined. This is because beauty is sometimes perceived to be material or substantial.

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Men and women have various ways through which they determine beauty. The differences are as a result of natural orientations. These configurations determine the psychological setups that differentiate the aspect of beauty on both men and women. Male vanity, social status, physiological makeup and material positions are some of the aspects that make the difference in various levels of beauty in men. When an individual is associated with a certain aspect of life or habit which is perceived to be pretty, he is likely to be taken to be beautiful. This also applies to a certain culture or industrial product. However, observations are always impulsive among different people 1, 3. Therefore, anything that one individual perceives to be beautiful may not represent beauty from another man’s view.

Most men look into body posture as one of the common aspects of beauty. This is because most people perceive the body as the most ideal for men. This look is associated with physical perfection. This is related to posture. Men who are masculine are always perceived to be beautiful. This has made men to sort a lot of physical activity in order to acquire what is perceived to be the most ideal. This is characteristic of chiseled flesh. Most people take this to be the seamless grooming figure and thus making men to strive to acquire it.

Dressing is a very crucial activity in the society. This is because the way an individual dresses determines the social dignity or recognition that an individual is given. There are certain dressing styles that are associated with male beauty. When a man is in these dressing codes, he is usually regarded with very high dignity. This also leads to also admiration from both male counterparts and females. In order to acquire this kind of beauty, most men seek these outfits from designers and industrial outlets so as to have an ideal picture of a perfect man 3.

An individual’s behavior is very crucial towards determining his social status 2. This is because character is a very essential facet in shaping the life of an individual. Good behavior is always admirable. This is because people always like to associate themselves with people who behave well. The definition of good behavior is usually embedded on conformity to good ethical and moral standards. Most men really like to make an image that complies with these standards so as to acquire admiration in the public domain. This is usually referred to as inner beauty 1. This is because it is a construct of emotional and mental strength.

Therefore, male beauty is a combination of various aspects. These include physiological, cultural and social attributes of human life. Beauty is a characteristic that is usually associated with social prestige and stature. This is very influential towards shaping the esteem of an individual. Consequently, most people struggle to conform to the desirable images that portray beauty. This increases an individual’s social status.

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