“You have always been there to guide me. But, have never hold me down. Friends Forever.” (Unknown). Although friendship is a genderless phenomenon and it can be experienced by any human being, we will consider the differences between male and female types of friendship. It has been observed that female friendship is quite emotional while male friendship is more instrumental and engaging friends to spend some time together. Generally, women like to spend hours over the phone talking about how they feel with their girlfriends. In contrast, men prefer to perform some actions together, such as going out to the bar, playing sport games, watching TV, go fishing, etc. This essay will explore the differences of the quality and strength or male and female friendship.

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It has to be admitted that male friendship is stronger and more durable than that one maintained by women. Females tend to be too emotional and quarrel more, and men are much calmer and prefer to avoid conflicts as they value their friends and don’t want to lose them. Women break their friendship much easier by experiencing jealousy, anger, suspicion, and other negative emotions towards their girlfriends. Males usually communicate less often but more productively. They maintain their friendship for a long time because of sharing positive emotions when watching their favorite team playing football or going to the sport club to play tennis rather than interacting exclusively with each other during the conversation. For example, my mother has lost 3 of her female friends during the last year by having too different points of view on her first friend’s new boyfriend, borrowing money to her second friend after she never returned the money back, and stopping communication with her third friend as she didn’t call my mom for half a year because she was too busy with her professional life, while my father has never broken relationships with any of his friends. So, we can see how fragile is female friendship and how durable is male one.

To summarize the essay, we compared both types of friendship and found out that female friendship is emotional and short, while male friendship typically lasts for years.