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Human Sexuality Essay

National surveys are one way to understand the beliefs which undermine the equality of sexual minorities. In the US various surveys have noted that despite increased legal protection of gay, lesbian and transgendered persons, discrimination persists in more subtle forms. This is noted in national survey responses regarding the informal...

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Within the above statement is embedded the idea that women are stronger when they work together. When they are able to discuss the issues they each face, discovering many similarities of their conditions, the tendency for women is to start figuring out how to solve the problems and make life...

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The Food System

Human food systems have experienced a tremendous shift from small farming to the global food industry. This evolution has led to many challenges to sustainability, fair trade, and human rights. Agriculture started as a means of getting food for end-consumption within small communities, not trade or commerce. It changes with...

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Human Cloning

Through technology, many medical breakthroughs have been made possible such as human cloning. Cloning refers to the technological act of creating an organism or group of cells from the ancestor that are genetically identical. Therefore, human cloning is the production of genetically identical humans. The two types of human cloning...

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