For a company that has been in existence since the 19th century, Nintendo has been able to survive many challenges hence gaining a lot of experience in the gaming market. Therefore, despite the several challenges that have been facing the company lately, it is possible for Nintendo to make use of its existing resources acquired during its existence to achieve its objectives through the strategies it set in 2014. It is possible for the company to realize this success by building on the foundation of the competencies it has gained over the past several decades.
Considering the Nintendo has established itself in the market for long, they already have enough products in the market and therefore adding new ones would not be a major priority. However, revitalizing those that are already present would reawaken the gamers’ interest and easily boost the sales. The availability of Wii game console was already a success in the market, and its reception by the gamers world over was quite impressive. Therefore, when the company introduced Wii U, there must have occurred some confusion on the side of the customers since the features of these two consoles are almost the same. In that case, all the company needs to do is use the necessary platforms to educate its customers and clearly, show the difference between these two while at the same time highlighting on the advantages of the Wii U which is more recent of the two. This being one of their set strategies, the company could capitalize on the features of the existing Wii U since they are still marketable instead of spending on new creations.

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Deciding not to introduce their games to the smart devices might at first sound like a bad idea. However, when one considers the reasons behind this move, it is easy to realize that it is a good one for a company like Nintendo that has well established itself on the use of consoles and handheld game devices. As it was indicated in the company strategies laid down in 2014, most of the Nintendo’s games were fashioned specifically for their machines and there trying to divert customers from these machines to access the games on smartphones and tablets might not have been a productive move. Looking at it carefully. However, one realizes that the company would still benefit a lot from the technology of these smart devices by taking advantage of their ability to access the internet to market Nintendo’s products.

Unlike in the past when Nintendo used to spend money to be able to use characters like Popeye, today they have several of their own popular characters with protected Intellectual Property Rights. It is worth noting though, that the company has for long limited the licensing of these characters for use by other companies. Therefore, the company’s idea to allow other players in the market to work with these popular character IPs would be a big step towards helping Nintendo overcome the financial challenges it is currently facing.
Nintendo has in the past tried expanding itself by venturing into transport and hospitality industries. However, the idea to enter the health and fitness market would prove to be a revolutionary step for the company, especially in today’s world. With problems such as obesity becoming a major problem in every society in the 21st century, this is a potential strategic market for this gaming company to explore. It would be wise for Nintendo’s CEO to take advantage of the resources and the competencies the company has achieved for years and use these development strategies to realize the camping’s great future.

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