Education is certainly the first step to perform in order to combat the spreading of malaria. This point is well developed, as it takes in consideration every element which may be crucial during an outbreak. It is important to point out that malaria is more typical of less developed areas, and therefore it is overall more difficult to set up an effective information campaign. However, the involvement of public health assistant within an active education would be surely of benefit in this sense. The second step involves the exercitation of control over the cause of malaria. This concept is irrefutable, and it simply requires to be slightly reshaped. Indeed, it is not overall correct to state that an eradication campaign against mosquitos would be detrimental for local fauna without talking about the benefits of a total eradication on the concept of malaria. Indeed, the eradication of swamps and similar environments has been demonstrated to be an effective strategy (where possible) and that the benefits of this choice greatly override the drawbacks. This, united to mosquito repellents, covering clothes and mosquito nets seems to be the best campaign so far. In consideration of all these factors, the assumptions of the original protocol are overall correct, and they consider the best choices in terms of malaria prevention and eradication.
As correctly stated, the benefits related to an early detection of malaria are infinite. Therefore, an early detection is of primary importance, so that screening tests, available as commercial kits, should be stored and always kept in a sufficient amount. ).Similarly, treatments should never be scarce.
As brilliantly stated in the protocol, the relationship between individuals during an outbreak should be maintained under control, especially in case of blood-contact (which involves sexual transmission as well as blood donation. Again, the role of the authorities in informing the population about the causes, the symptoms and the correct strategies to adopt in case of malaria outbreak is extremely important.

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