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Management Theory

Personnel/Organizational Psych

A psychological contract is a double sided sense of responsibility, beliefs and a common way of thinking between an employer and his or her worker. Here, all the modes of operation are correctly stipulated and strictly followed for the benefit of the organization. It can be easily defined as a...

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Human Resource Management

Human resource management is one of the vital function required by all organizations for smooth running of human resource. Organizations have several departments such as finance, sales and marketing, quality assurance among others. Human resource management is an important aspect for the success of the organization. The paper explains about...

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The Effect of Knowledge Management Strategy on High Performance

Knowledge is more than just knowing or understanding dimensions. Knowledge management (KM) is the development, distribution, grouping, using and the understanding data of an organization (Girard & Girard 2015) (Hislop 2013). It is a multifaceted approach to achieving institutional and individual objectives by making the best use of knowledge (Dalkir,...

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48 Laws of Power and Conflict Theory

In his book, 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene provides insight into how people gain and maintain power in modern society. His book is not written from a sociological perspective, of course. Rather, it is more a management or personal guidebook to gaining power. Still, if one looks to the...

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Contemporary Approaches To Management

Diversity is important in the functioning and efficiency of an organisation. If employees from all backgrounds are respected, valued, and treated fairly, this positive treatment will also have a positive effect on the organisation. An organisational subculture develops when a small group of individuals within the larger culture forms. These...

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