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Management Theory

Flow Mapping Discussion Response

It is always great to hear stories of best practices in action, and the positive experience that you relate is one that I find personally inspiring. Something that stood out for me in reading your post was that the standards were already very high, but this did not dampen enthusiasm...

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Core Competency Perspective

The core competency perspective as defined in management theory is an assembly of varied skills and resources that are useful in distinguishing a specific firm. In essence, it is a business’s core competency that assists it cut its own niche in a competitive marketplace. The baseline idea in the concept...

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Cross Functional Decision Making

Organizational ManagementThe process in which goals are accomplished through people and with people in a nutshell is defined as management. Organizations manage projects by planning, directing functions, organizing employees as well as employing resources necessary for the fulfillment of this plan. The concept of administration is identified, and found in...

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Green Supply Chain Management

I would use green supply chain management in the army by coming up with green designs that reflects the design of military products and services that have certain level of environmental consciousness. I will attain this by engaging in systematic consideration of design issues like prevention of pollution, conserving military...

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Challenges to successful change management in United States Postal Service

Organizational setting of the United States postal serviceThe United States postal service has worked at ensuring that there is maximum productivity through empowerment of the employees and increasing team work. The organizational setting of the USPS has, however, faced low level managers who are a threat to the success of...

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