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Management Theory

Issues in Human Development: Developmental and Personality Theories

Abstract The process of attachment between mother and child is the focus of many theorists, all of whom seek to describe and explain the origins of that crucial early bond. Bowlby, Harlow, and Mahler all have theories of this process which overlap but are distinct from the others; all of...

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Analysis of Organizational Structures, Teams and Stakeholders (Substitute Assignment)

IntroductionOrganizational structures, teams and stakeholders are integral to the success of organizations and businesses in the 21st century. They allow organizations to have some sense of flexibility and also effective leadership and management, whilst also providing extensive diversity and potential for numerous possibilities in the future. As such, the purpose...

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Understanding Stakeholder Needs

The Handbook of Crisis Communication has provided extensive analysis of communication crisis as well as a thorough exploration of the overall reactions of different stakeholders in the crisis. Consequently, the risk is a central feature that is part and parcel of our daily lives and activities. Hence, understanding the broad...

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Theory and Management of Frederick Taylor

Frederick Taylor first published his revolutionary works in 1911, right at the height of the American industrial revolution. The incentive for the development of his theories was the observation that workers would intentionally waste time, which significantly decreased the efficiency and productivity of the work environment. Taylor used scientifically based...

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Decision-Making Processes According to Strength

An organization's strength is diversity in the skill set of its employees. The StrengthsFinder test evaluates individual personality traits, and identifies themes corresponding to an individual's specific skills (Rath, 2007). Thus, some persons will be better suited for group tasks, while others will be better suited for independent projects. No...

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