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Management Theory

Management of Working Capital

Background The case is about George Olieux who is the proprietor of George’s Trains. George is a former mechanic for a farm machines distributor in Ontario. From the case study it is seen that George has taken a conservative approach to expand the model train business that he runs with...

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Directed Analysis on “Bibliographic Search Training for Evidence-Based Management: A Review of Relevant Literatures”

Question one:How did the authors develop the list of 20 primary studies summarized in Table 1? How did they end up reviewing, significantly, only 18 of these? Notably, the authors developed the list of 20 primary studies through systematic reviews that were supplemented with descriptions of primary studies. More precisely,...

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The Burke-Litwin model and Apple, Inc.

The Burke-Litwin model is based on the idea that organizations function best when they understand that they must evolve with a changing external environment when making adjustments to their internal dynamics (Burke & Litwin, 1992). The framework essentially operates on the premise that success is guaranteed if organizations allow themselves...

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Continuous Quality Improvement

In the 21st-century healthcare system, each facility has its own continuous quality improvement approach. Robust facilities have comprehensive models while lesser care facilities have limited and construed Quality Improvement programs. The difference may cause quality of care delivery by opposing care facilities. A quality of care model can result in...

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The Four-Frame Approach Applied to Change Management

The Four-frame ApproachOrganizations do exist simply because they are able to keep up with the pace of change; if not they are kicked out of business or they become defunct. Of course one can cite a number of businesses which have become extremely successful due to their mastery in managing...

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