According to recruiter, �It is very important to employ the right people to each position within an organization. Without the correct skill set and/or attitude, an employee can quickly inflict damage upon a company’s turnover, reputation, or both.� (Recruiter, 2015). As the district manager, my recruiting strategy would be interviewing those individuals who have the drive, willingness, personality, and public interaction as these are the main components of a successful individual and Apple needs more individuals like this. Not only to be successful for the company but also to be successful to themselves and their families.

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When you recruit an individual, you are thinking of their skills and their reactions to how they act in the public�s eyes in order to find out if they are good enough to recruit and if they have the personality it takes to be recruited and to accomplish what is being hoped to accomplish in the place of business. Selecting an individual is the hard part of the recruiting and selection as some people can be upset and disappointed if they are not chosen or recruited however, it is not intended to be a reflection of what the district manager thinks of them. There are only so many individuals a place of business can hire or recruit.

Financial ratios that would best to use from Apple Inc. financial statements include the ratios of; sales growth, gross income growth, and the net income. As these ratios would benefit the management trainees.

Apple Inc. is one of the most successful companies that deal with many technologies from their MacBook Pro to their iPhones, iPods, and iPads among a number of other technologies they have which also includes accessories for their technologies. This is a very successful company as anyone can see from the previous table how much the company gets in the sales of their merchandise.

When it comes to the control mechanism that the company should have in place for managing risk, according to Andrew Latham, �Brand recognition is another successful business control method. Companies spend a large percentage of their budgets on advertising and creating interest among their client bases.� (Latham, n.d.).

The general manager can impact the financial and risk positions of Apple Inc. by setting rules and keeping them in place and enforced that is in everyone�s best interest but more specifically, that is in the companies� best interest financially with hardly any risks that could become a damaging risk to the company. By the general manger doing this, it will save a lot of headache and worry.

When it comes to financial strategies of Apple Inc., Leigh Anthony states that, �if the cash is not properly managed, the small business can quickly go under.� (Anthony, n.d.). That being stated, this is why it is important to manage the cash florw of any company and not just Apple Inc. but any large company.

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