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Operations Management

Since its formation in 1927, the aim of Presto has been to provide solutions that aid in the conservation of water in public places. After coming up with the timed tap, the organization was buoyed by its potential. In fact, Presto went on to release a few more innovative products...

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Performance Management: Employee and Labor Relations

Employee performance is important in influencing the effectiveness of organizational strategy and goals. The HRM function manages employee performance by outlining organizational policies and practices that should guide workplace conduct. The HRM also enforces the recommended policies and practices in various ways, including disciplinary measures. The process can lead to...

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Wal-Mart Top-Level Management Structure

Mr. Sam Walton established Wal-Mart in 1962 as a multinational retailer corporation consisting of numerous department and warehouse stores. The humongous size of the corporation has acclaimed it to be responsible for providing the greatest number of privately employed workers estimated to reach two million and is ranked amongst the...

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Security Risk Assessment

Over the last several years, security issues have become a major challenges for transportation systems. This is because, various locations are attractive targets for terrorism and other security related issues. For some cities, these issues are compounded based upon the number of services provided at specific points of interest. (Faddis,...

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How to Promote Quality Improvement in an Organization

Introduction The brutal economic climate that has prevailed in recent years has caused organizations to reassess their processes and operations in order to eliminate waste and reduce production/operations cost to its bare minimum. There are a number of approaches that organizations have taken to accomplish this, including development of a...

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