Chapter 2
The advantage of a bright spot is that one can choose to change a bad situation into a good one, which may be beneficial to an individual or society. It is up to us to identify areas in life that can be beneficial to us and make the most of it. This creates the opportunity to change a bad situation into a good one.

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By identifying the bright spots, it helps one to look at the bright side of overcoming their problem. It also guides in evaluating an individual’s problems hence coming to a rational decision that will be beneficial to them. The thought of a better life makes people become more motivated in improving their lives.

Benchmarking is comparing performances and practices against those of other people or organizations while a bright spot is a unique situation that can be used to people’s advantage. Therefore, the two hold very different content and meaning.

Miracle questions are ideal as they help people to focus on where they want to be rather than how they intend to get there. Miracle questions help in reflecting on possibilities that may be missing in peoples’ lives. They help in changing the perceptions that people hold, and by doing so, they help in changing their future goals into more action oriented, specific, and realistic goals.

Exception questions are ideal for helping clients identify problems that are less severe in their lives. They shed more light on what people did differently and what happened differently in a given situation. This means that people have to repeat what they did in the past that actually worked for them. Taking baby steps in this kind of scenario is also advised so as to achieve lasting results.

Chapter 3
The rider needs to focus on solution; however, he focuses more on the problem. By pursuing bright spots, the rider should focus on what works best and what he can do to achieve best results. Anything that would possibly cause them to drag behind should be automatically be done away with. One has to identify the areas that cause them to have decision paralysis. Many people experience decision paralysis when faced with the task of making major decisions in their lives. Identifying where one wastes time while making a decision is also critical, to avoid decision paralysis. One should schedule things down so that they can meet their daily expectations and can note what was hard for them to achieve. This actually helps in achieving goals much faster too.

Once, one of my colleagues was given a task of conducting a market search for our company. The excitement about the assignment made her confused since she noted down many good ideas but unfortunately never got half way on one before she would start on another one. This was also eating onto her time as she had ideas but it was obvious that she had no idea how to implement them. As time went by, she began to become more frustrated as she had not moved forward with the assignment. This is when I stepped in and advised that she break her goals into more realistic and manageable.

She did manage to break her objectives down and by the end of the week through brainstorming on the best ideas that she had, she had worked down her list and the assignment was done in such a way that impressed the manager. Scripting had made her become more organized in her work and had also influenced her decision making process which eventually led her to successfully achieve her assigned task.