Susan Atkins Susan Atkins was considered the third family member in the Manson Family and was convicted of murder. She has since died of cancer in 1969 and was California’s longest serving inmate.

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Charles Watson
Called Tex, Watson was one of the henchmen who was involved in Manson’s murders. He was charged with seven counts of murder and conspiracy to murder. He has been denied parole multiple times.

Linda Kasabian
She was the driver during the murder spree that is so well-known in history. Kasabian was actually horrified and eventually abandoned the family. She testified against Manson, was given immunity, and she is in her 60s. It’s believed that she is living somewhere in New Hampshire, although we don’t know where since these are private matters.

According to a study done relatively recently in the 21st Century, sixty-eight percent of 405,000 prisoners released in thirty states were charged with a new crime within a three-year time span after they were released. Seventy-seven percent were arrested. What does this tell us? That like addiction, it is very hard to live a life without receding back into your old ways. This holds true for “rehabilitated” criminals as well. I think that people can obviously be redeemed and be great people after they serve their time, but they need loving ones around them willing to support them and try to give their hand. When people are released and they have no one to go to, than why would they stay out of trouble? Criminals are often blacklisted and discriminated against in job screenings, even when they have done their time. So they are already at a disadvantage when they leave prison and try to reintegrate into the real world where they need to find a job and support themselves. Overall, I think the road to rehabilitation is possible but it’s extremely hard.

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