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Outsourcing Manufacturing

Over the last few decades many companies have looked to cheap labor in other countries to increase their profits. Developing countries offer an advantage over richer nations, thus creating a natural benefit that companies take advantage of. This is especially true for companies in the United States, which have outsourced...

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Samsung’s Inventory Woes

Samsung was founded in 1938 as a trading company- and in the 50s/60s went into various businesses including insurance, paper, aerospace, property and even retailing. During the 70s, Samsung acquired a small semi-conductor company and grew it exponentially. During the 80s, Samsung became the third company in the world to...

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Self-Healing Composites and the Future of Aircraft Maintenance

As the aircraft MRO industry continues to grow, research revolves around developing technological advancements that reduce labor costs, improve structural durability, reduce replacement rates and lower acquisition costs. This paper discusses the feasibility of introducing self-healing technology to the aircraft MRO market by analyzing both quantitative and qualitative measures such...

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Flinders Valves and Controls Inc. Financial Analysis

In 2008, FVC and RSE began negotiation a possible acquisition of FVSC by RSE. The initial discussions began in late 2007 and focused on the motives of the acquisition. These early discussions also covered various management issues and compensation issues in the combined firm. After all of these initial discussions,...

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Interstate Highways

In the small town of Starke, Florida just after World War II the citizens and business leaders set out to increase the amount of visitors to their town in order to receive a portion of the tourism dollars that poured in to Florida. They had a parallel goal of bringing...

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