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Self-Healing Composites and the Future of Aircraft Maintenance

As the aircraft MRO industry continues to grow, research revolves around developing technological advancements that reduce labor costs, improve structural durability, reduce replacement rates and lower acquisition costs. This paper discusses the feasibility of introducing self-healing technology to the aircraft MRO market by analyzing both quantitative and qualitative measures such...

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Flinders Valves and Controls Inc. Financial Analysis

In 2008, FVC and RSE began negotiation a possible acquisition of FVSC by RSE. The initial discussions began in late 2007 and focused on the motives of the acquisition. These early discussions also covered various management issues and compensation issues in the combined firm. After all of these initial discussions,...

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Interstate Highways

In the small town of Starke, Florida just after World War II the citizens and business leaders set out to increase the amount of visitors to their town in order to receive a portion of the tourism dollars that poured in to Florida. They had a parallel goal of bringing...

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Clothing and Subculture Group Project

Introduction It is common that subcultures should seek to define themselves through behaviors, attitudes, and outward appearances that are inherently different from the mainstream. Whatever the nature of the subculture, it is marginalized to an extent merely by virtue of its minor status within the larger, dominant culture. Sometimes these...

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US Cotton Subsidies

The United States has produced cotton since the beginning of the 20th century. Currently, it is among the leading producers and exporters of cotton in the world. For example, the country’s export of cotton accounted for 41% of the world’s total exportation of the crop in 2003. The government of...

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What Is Manufacturing Consent?

Manufacturing consent refers to the fact that there is a process of selection and non-selection of the perspectives that become news, and the way that news is reported biases the public in favor of those perspectives (Chomsky, n.p.). The consent that is being manufactured is that of the general public,...

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Research On Topology Optimization Of Additive Manufacturing

Topology optimization Topology optimization is an improved design that uses mathematical formulas to present the layout of materials. The laid out materials form design spaces within complex parts used in additive manufacturing. Mathematical formulas demonstrate a set of designs that use certain restricted margins for maximization of production in a...

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Lean Manufacturing – Kaizen Methodology

Kaizen simply means to improve the already existing method of production. Time is an essential factor in manufacturing and production industries therefore Kaizen main objective is aimed at reducing the time used for production as well as enhancing efficiency. The kaizen methodology is user-friendly and very fast. Also, accuracy is...

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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in Manufacturing

According to Hopkin (2018), enterprise risk management can be described as the process of organizing, planning, leading and overseeing the control of organizational undertakings with the fundamental aim of reducing the potential effects of risks on a company’s earnings and capital (Hopkin, 2018). Risk management has especially become an essential...

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Manufacturing and Service Process Maps

Toyota Motor Corporation is a globally renowned Car manufacturer. Toyota was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. It is headquartered in Aichi Japan and currently is the largest car manufacturer globally by production and revenue. The company manufactures cars in its five brands namely Toyota Lexus, Hino, Daihatsu and Ranz....

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Elkay Manufacturing Co. & Merrick Services Group

Elkay Manufacturing is one of Colorado’s foremost manufacturer and provider of major domestic appliances. The company sells its commodities under the LG & Bosch brand names. Elkay was founded in the year 1947. The company was one of the first to manufacture a new line of electric stoves in pacific...

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Beck Manufacturing

Introduction Beck Manufacturing is currently running a manufacturing plant that is running at a fairly steady pace; however, a closer look at the production numbers reveals that there is much room for improvement. The owner of Beck Manufacturing, Mr. Beck, has stated his ambitions to expand manufacturing operations, but he...

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3D Printers and Manufacturing

Over the years, the world has experienced a number of changes in all aspects of life. Ideally, this is credited to the inventions and innovations which have surfaced the IT (Information Technology) market. One of the products which have resulted as a result of the development of emerging technologies is...

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Reaction to Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent”

Noam Chomsky has some extraordinary points about the relationship between the media, the citizens and the elite organizations in the United States. The documentary on “Manufacturing Consent” really made me think about all of these factors, and it the theory makes perfect sense to me personally. I can clearly see...

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Top-Down And Bottom–Up Method For Nano-Manufacturing

Nano-manufacturing Nanomanufacturing refers to either the utilization of the bottom-up or top-down approach of particles in the nano scale (Goddard, Brenner, Lyshevski, & Lafrate, 2012). Bottom-up refers to the directed assembly, while the top down refers to a high resolution processing which controls various matters during the nanoscale in 1,...

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Chrysler’s WCMA

The purpose of Chrysler’s World Class Manufacturing Academy is to reduce waste, increase productivity, and restore the employees’ dignity. The continuous performance improvement resulting from the World Class Manufacturing Academy (WCMA) has taken Chrysler closer towards the goal of eliminating workplace accidents, plant breakdowns, and inventories, thus creating business and...

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Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing of America

Lynn Martin was the former Secretary of Labor for President George Bush Sr. She dealt with numerous employers to improve corporate management and advise company policies. However, on May 14, 1996, she was hired by Mitsubishi Motors to rectify harassment policies at a local plant in Normal, Illinois. This case...

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Clock Manufacturing

In the early 19th century, the design and mainstream nature of clocks were an early indicator that work was going to be different. Before this, there were not many ways of keeping workers and work times synced up between factories. In the passage, it tells us that Jerome created the...

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Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing

Salaries and incentives build the basic pillars of employee motivation and morale. Numerous management strategies engage the theory of employee compensation in the bid to improve employee output and performance. Companies that underpay employees risk high turnover rates and reduced employee morale. Therefore, managers should ensure that a proper relationship...

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Manufacturing Consent

Noam Chomsky is best known for his prodigy status in the field of linguistics, as he has been part of controversial, groundbreaking, and extremely useful theories regarding linguistics in the human species. The documentary, Manufacturing Consent, is one of Chomsky’s great accomplishments when it comes to his findings and legacy....

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