Five different marketing associations based on research include the following: 1) The Marketing Foundation, 2) Emarket Association, 3) Incentive Marketing, 4) PMA and 5) CMA. Each of these five marketing associations are unique with respect to their objectives and vision overall. They are also similar with respect to the fact that they rely extensively on technology and marketing products online rather than through stores and in person experiences. For example, the Emarket Association promotes the use of online resourcing and the Internet overall to allow organizations to better promote and market themselves overall. Furthermore, it provides extensive information on how organizations can improve their performance through better electronic marketing initiatives such as Internet advertising (Publicize, 2016). One organization that is particularly interesting to me is “Incentive Marketing”. Incentive marketing focuses on providing organizations with different marketing techniques and also providing contracting services that organizations can use to market and advertise particular initiatives. For example, if an organization has a particular project or event that it wants to market, then it can consult with incentive Marketing and they can provide the necessary resources to ensure that the event is well advertised and is successful as a result. Incentive marketing is also interesting to me as it relies almost solely on innovation rather than more traditional marketing methods and employees technology to better connect with clients for particular events and projects (Publicize, 2016). The firm is also unique in the sense that it is hard to find and deals with certain clients and organizations and not all. This organization is also potentially useful to me as I pursue a marketing career or join an organization that needs to market its respective projects. By knowing this organization, I can better enhance my opportunities throughout my career and also recommend them to other partners and organizations overall.
Marketing Journals
Five marketing journals that are used worldwide and on a regular basis in the 21st century include the following: 1) Journal of Marketing, 2) Journal of Marketing Education, 3) Journal of Advertising, 4) Psychology and Marketing, and 5) Journal of Services Marketing.
With respect to the first journal, the Journal of Marketing, it provides a global yet general overview of marketing trends and also provides an objective overview of news stories in relation to marketing. Furthermore, this journal relies on innovation and can be found online and almost in any location worldwide. For example, it can be accessed in both the United States and also Canada and does not discriminate with respect to the differing organizations and their marketing techniques. It is all about new and existing marketing strategies and which strategies may suit the needs of a particular organization (AMS, 2016).
The second journal, the Journal of Marketing Education, is very useful and essential with respect to providing marketing university students and courses worldwide with an invaluable set of resources and also teaching resources. It also provides a basic overview of marketing techniques and how students can leverage their marketing knowledge in the professional world after they graduate (AMS, 2016). It is also relevant in any marketing field and for any level of expertise despite the fact that university students use it as an invaluable resource overall.
The Journal of Advertising focuses on one area of marketing, advertising and how it can be leveraged effectively to make an organization or a project more attractive. Unlike the other journals described in this paper, it caters to students and experience marketing experts in the United States and strongly recommends that advertising is the most efficient and effective marketing technique overall.
The fourth journal, Psychology and marketing, focuses on a deeper analysis of marketing and what people really think when a product is marketed or advertised to them. It also attempts to better understand how an average product in any sense, can seem more attractive to a wider audience. On a weekly basis, it provides a number of articles on these aspects and how large corporations are effectively focusing on psychology in marketing rather than simply employing its various techniques (AMS, 2016).
The fifth journal, the Journal of Services Marketing, similarly to the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, focuses on one aspect or area of marketing. It is effective in the sense that it provides a number of service industries with weekly guidance on how they can improve their businesses through a number of open or broad marketing techniques. For any student wishing to pursue marketing in the services industry, this journal is highly recommended and is written by a number of well know marketers. It also allows organizations within the services industry to better leverage a number of different marketing techniques and overall strategies.
The most relevant marketing journal to me and as described in this paper is the Journal of Marketing Education due mainly to its high level of simplicity and the fact that it caters to university students and those people who wish to establish themselves well within the marketing industry overall (AMS, 2016). Each week, it provides a detailed analysis of different marketing news stories and trends and this allows students to remain updated with key marketing news and to be able to incorporate this news in their respective studies overall. Additionally, it is an invaluable resource to all marketers irrespective of levels of expertise or overall market knowledge. For example, an experience market can still learn from this journal and it doesn’t differentiate with respect to the audience that it chooses to focus upon. It focuses upon all audiences and this is what makes it attractive to people like myself, who are very interested in marketing overall.

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