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Marketing Plan

Open Markets, Closed Borders

1. A less open and more secure border would only make sense if it were true that “the flow of illegal immigrants across U.S. borders makes it difficult to identify and stop dangerous people and contributes to an infrastructure designed to weaken the integrity of U.S. borders” (Secure Borders, Safe...

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RFIDs: Implementation in Retail

A variety of forms of technology have been used to promote the shopping experience and brand identity. In this literature review of RFIDs, several key areas are assessed. From the perspective of a developing business related problems are described to implementing this technology in practical solutions. Through evaluating research reports...

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Retail Distribution Strategies

The Wheel of Retailing is one of the tools that is utilized to describe the different retail distribution strategies of organizations. In working to understand each of the different stages of the Wheel of Retailing, it is possible to gain a better understanding of where Wal-Mart falls in the different...

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Pricing and Retail Strategy

Kohl’s is one of the most popular retail discounted department store in the nation. Their “purpose and values are to inspire and empower families to lead fulfilled lives … [They have the] Greatest Agenda [as their] strategic framework [which] built on five pillars: amazing product, incredible savings, easy experience, personalized...

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Price Fixing

Abstract This paper will serve to answer questions regarding whether or not price fixing is fair, ethical, and/or socially responsible, looking at whether or not it makes a difference what the extra profit is used for, or if there was a chance of being caught. Keywords: price fixing, fair, ethical,...

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