Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermenting fresh grapes. It is one of the most consumed beverages among the wealthy class all over the world. Argentina has been one of the leading producers of top-class wines over the last century due to various measures made by the government and relevant authorities to promote its production. The Wines of Argentina (WoA) agency is currently organizing the Malbec World Day fair in Paris, France. This paper will explore the best marketing strategies that could be used for optimum results.

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The trade fair would be held at Porte de Versailles in Paris, as it is one of the best trade fair locations in France. The site is a renowned expo center where millions of investors meet every year to launch and promote new products. The core strategy would be to promote the product at the best strategic position, where interested parties would have a chance to know more about the various products Argentine wine has to offer. Porte de Versailles serves as a major gateway to the French market as it hosts multiple trade fairs for a wide variety of products before entering the market. The trade fair would serve as a medium for Argentine wine to penetrate the French market more efficiently.

Argentine wine has built a strong reputation for its quality and value across the world market. In regards to this, it would be ideal for the marketing strategy to use the above advantage to increase product awareness to many potential customers. In such a scenario, many agencies would be willing to sell the product at their retail shops due to its current competitive positioning compared with other wine products. Such an advantage would make the marketing strategy successful as many people already have the perception that argentine wine is one of the best wines in the world. In regards to this, making the product supply consistent would significantly promote market growth.

Customer-oriented added value is one of the most important factors to consider in marketing. The success of any product largely depends on the experience customers have with the purchased product. The market strategy, therefore, should ensure that customers are satisfied with their products and have a pleasant experience with different types of wines. The marketing team must ensure that the best wine is available to retailers. In addition to this, it would be necessary to issue free resources such as t-shirts, calendars, and caps, among others. Setting up considerable prices for wine products in addition to winning promotions are also some of the best ways the marketing team could successfully promote Argentine wine in Paris.

Argentine wine has a unique differential advantage as compared to other wines due to the current global perception about its high quality. This customer viewpoint instantly distinguishes the brand from the rest of its competitors, making it easier for Argentine brands to sell and dominate global markets. Using this advantage would make it easier to market the product and promote it among major retailers. Such a position would also favor the marketing agency in setting the best prices to ensure high returns. Most companies that lack differential advantage are forced to set seemingly lower prices to enter any market, something that affects their growth.

Every potential customer desires to have a better living condition before buying any product. The experience they have with the product is what determines if their living pattern and lifestyle is going to change. The marketing strategy should focus on making every drinking experience memorable and enjoyable. The above situation can only be addressed by primarily focusing on customer satisfaction through the creation of memorable experiences. The trade fair should focus on making all the retailers within the trade fair appreciated by issuing items like banquets and offering good value for their money to ensure that they have sufficient stock for their initial sales in addition to creating a good communication network with all the agencies for future sales.

The above factors would serve as the basic fundamental aspects of promoting sales and market growth in France, if well implemented in the marketing strategy. The success of any business largely depends on the strategy used to enter the market and maintain its customers. Since Argentine wine already has a good market reputation, it would be even easier to boost sales during the trade fair.