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Bringing Books Back for Digital Generation

Market segmentation may refer to dividing the general market into different components each of which is represented by individuals with similar tastes, lifestyles, wants, and/or needs. It is sometimes important to segment market into different parts because organizations have limited resources and only certain capabilities. Thus, their goal is to...

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Black Friday Retail Sales Results

Conventionally, the US consumers patiently wait for Black Friday deals prior to making their holiday shopping. Marketers associate Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) with the start of the Christmas shopping season that accounts for more than 20% of overall annual sales. On this day, retail stores set discounts on...

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Netflix Competitive Analysis

The genesis of Netflix, Inc dates to 29th August 1997 when the company was first incorporated. Currently, the company operates within the video entertainment industry making distributions to consumers through airlines, movie theatres, in-home, and hotels (Netflix, Inc; 2009). The company operates through different segments, including International Streaming, Domestic streaming,...

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Supply and Demand Research Paper

An online article on Forbes reports the solar power supply chain sector will struggle to keep up with the growing number of solar power projects in 2016, especially, the solar wafer suppliers. The estimated additional solar capacity this year is 60 gigawatts (GW) or 33 percent more than the last...

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Airbnb vs. The Ecommerce Giants

Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows users to rent or lease apartment rentals, vacation rentals, hotel rooms, hostel beds and homestays among others. Airbnb does not own any of these facilities but just acts as a broker. Airbnb makes money through commissions that it receives from hosts and guests...

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