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Target Market

A target market is a distinct group of buyers that might prefer or require a product or service mix and depends on the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral aspect of people (Kotler & Keller, 2012, p. 10). It is based on the fact that not everyone likes the same products or...

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Marketing Management for the Services Industry Coursework 01

At the turn of the century, McDonald’s stock lessened from $48 to $32 per share due to fears that the market was saturated, and new McDonald’s restaurants were taking from those already established. As a result, McDonald’s decided to diversify, and it allowed other restaurants to implement new products and...

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Marketing Article Review

In an increasingly global market, local or native marketing strategies may not translate to other countries into which organizations are moving or attempting to move. In other words, just because a marketing strategy works in country A does not mean it will work in country B. Two strategies which have...

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General Dynamics

Executive Summary/Abstract General Dynamics is a United States aerospace and aviation company that is headquartered in West Falls Church, Virginia. Since its inception in 1952, General Dynamics has consistently been a market leader in the production of aviation products for the defense industry, as well as for commercial airlines (General...

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Global Marketing

This paper reviews the article “). Performance Effects of Global Account Coordination Mechanisms: An Integrative Study of Boundary Conditions”, published by Linda Hui Shi and Tao Gao in 2016, in the Journal of International Marketing. It reviews the main ideas of the article, examines its relationship to other readings on...

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