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Reflective Assessment of Marketing

The role of marketing as a business function serves two key purposes. It firstly allows a brand or company to acquire new business through such marketing techniques as advertising campaigns and also internet advertising. This is key as it helps organizations to get their name out in society and to...

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Keurig Kold

Since we are introducing the Keurig Kold as a new product it is important to follow the 6 steps of pricing. The Keurig has been a huge success for hot beverages like coffee and tea. The public has accepted this idea, and so far it is not being accepted as...

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Marketing principles and theories

Healthcare marketing refers to the creation, communication, and delivery of health-related information and interventions through the use of science-based and customer-centered strategies with the intention of protecting and promoting the health of various populations (Fortenberry & Fortenberry, 2010). It is a practice that seeks to promote the use of marketing...

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Marketing Consultant

Choosing a great marketing consultant firm to help market my product line was not easy. It took lots of research. However, I was able to choose one. The name of the firm I chose is called Antenna. I visited their website, and they provided information on how they help to...

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Tuna Can Opener

The proposed product is one which creates conventionalism and ease in yet one more aspect of life. Working in the kitchen is often times tedious, and stressful. The tool we are proposing to market is the tuna can opener. The unique design not only offers simplicity, but ease in that...

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