I would like to emphasize the fact that Yahoo’s decision to eliminate working from home policy is both morally right and efficient. There has been some criticism of this policy, especially, since it came from a feminist business leader. In this paper, I offer my own analysis of Marissa Mayer’s decision.
First of all, I talk about the benefits of working from home. Working from home allows working mothers to take care of both work and family responsibilities. There is also more time available for work because employees working from home do not expect to be given hour-long lunch breaks.

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But there are also disadvantages of working from home. We cannot ignore the fact employees working from home can easily get distracted. For example, one may disrupt the work to prepare lunch for the children, browse non-work related websites and so on. Similarly, the absence of a managerial supervision may also influence the employee to be less focused on the work.

It is apparent there is no right or wrong answer in this case. Ultimately it depends upon the quality of employees’ work commitment and the degree of trust between the management and the workers. If it seems the employees are being less efficient or not totally focused while working from home, the company is right to eliminate working from home policy, just as Marissa Mayer did. We should understand Marrisa Mayer does not have any personal incentive to ask employees to come to work because it also applies to her as a working mom.