Power and control appear to be everywhere but this does not mean that the power cannot be a positive drive or that the control is completely limiting. For example, without power and control, there would be no form of civilization and therefore it would be difficult to find a way to interact properly with others. It would also be more difficult to find a way to make one’s place in the world or to feel challenged to do more with themselves.

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One way that I have experienced this was through participating in team sports as a child. Had I have been given my own choice of how to spend my Saturdays, I probably would not have gotten up early and began working hard, running, and practicing. Instead, I would have rested or played video games. However, I made a commitment to a team and that meant that I had to get up early and be disciplined. I received benefits from this as well because we always celebrated together when we would win and I learned to respect my teammates, my coach, and myself for being able to stick to this commitment.

I understand how Marx and Freud could view the power and control as being limiting as I was not able to simply do whatever I chose each day. In the natural state, a person would simply be concerned with their own desires and needs. The power and control provides motivation to be better and structure to encourage improvement and abilities. The focus that I learned on commitments during these team activities has helped me grow into adulthood as a person who is willing and able to set aside my personal wants at the moment in order to reach my full potential and to continue to grow as a person.