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The Working Class Majority

Zweig in his book The Working Class Majority discusses the problem of class struggle in the United States. According to Zweig, the problem of class division does not receive enough public and academic attention due to the desire of capitalists to ignore it. I, however, believe that it happens as...

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Marx, Lenin, Trotsky about Revolutions

This paper will compare and contrast the works of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Huntington, describing the way in which these writers represent evolving ideas about who, in society, is prone to undertaking revolutions. Published around 1848, Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto laid out a historical grounding and justification for communist ideology,...

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The Sociological Theory of Karl Marx

As per the Germany ideology, Marx’s stages of development start with tribal ownership (Edles & Appelrouth, 2005). It is a simple stage of production were individuals do simple economic activities like animal keeping, fishing, or hunting and gathering. Large resources like land are underutilized. Division of labor is based on...

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The Persistence of Marx

In the century and a half or so since his death, Karl Marx’s life and immense body of work have invited both popular and scholarly attention. The theories he put forth in his writings offer an alternative to predominant forms of governance and economy and have, of course, underpinned the...

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Smith and Marx

Technologies change the nature and patterns of the economy in the 21st century. New models of entrepreneurship emerge, creating better conditions for pursuing profits and accumulating wealth. "On-demand economy" is a relatively new concept. In essence, it is a new environment, where technologies bring people and available job opportunities closer...

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