Marxism ideas have influenced the development of concepts used in the creation of a number of movies. Essentially, most film scriptwriters, creators, directors, and producers utilize the ideologies advocated by in the Marxism theory to explain various aspects of the society. Despite being depicted indirectly, a lot of movies created based on the Marxist view represent a true picture of what happens in the daily lives of people. A good example of a movie that was created based on the influence of Marxist views is the Rocky movie directed by John G. Avildsen. Apparently, a lot of scenes in this movie that happen around the character Rocky depict the arguments and philosophies that were put forth in the Marxist views. In this regard, this is a Marxist film that utilizes the thoughts that were explained by Karl Marx. As such, this retrospect essay aims at identifying and analyzing various scenes in the Rocky film that depict Marxism views.

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The first scene in this film that shows the Marxist views takes place in the office where Rocky Balboa is offered a chance by a very rich man to fight Apollo Creed but he refuses. Despite the fact that the man who offered Rocky a chance to fight Apollo Creed was very rich, Rocky decided to refuse the offer because he is a proletarian. He knew that fighting such people is impossible because he will definitely lose and end up with nothing. Additionally, Rocky’s first decision to turn down the offer of fighting Apollo Creed was because he is alienated from the society. Analytically, the Marxist views are seen in this scene in various ways. For instance, Marxist views define human nature based on the rules that they develop themselves. In effect, Rocky’s human nature did not allow him to accept the offer because he knew that he could not defeat Apollo Creed since he is the best American boxer. On the other hand, Apollo Creed was very interested in the fight because of his human nature of gaining fame while suppressing the low-class people in the society. Marxism views define such instances as class consciousness where the rich continue being rich and the poor continue being poor. In addition, Marxism views emphasize on exploitation in that the poor expatriates in order to make the people in the upper class remain rich. In this scene, it is clearly shown that Rocky is being exploited by the rich man to get a lot of money and by Apollo Creed to gain a lot of fame.

The second scene that depicts the Marxist views in the Rocky movie is where Rocky Balboa is paid forty bucks by Gazzio but he does not look happy and proud of his work. As aforementioned, Rocky is alienated from the society by the people living in the upper class. Being a capitalist society, the people who are very rich exploit the poor people like Rocky to maintain their class. Marxism views a capitalist society as illogical and when left untouched such world can reach its end. Workers in a capitalist society are alienated and competition in the upper class is the order of the day. People living in the upper class mistreat the low class people by paying them very little wages in order to maintain their status quo. A capitalist society according to the Marxist views ends in a bloody war in order to overthrow the capitalists’ government. Rock’s reaction, in this case, depicts how the poor and low class people live unhappy in the capitalist society.

In conclusion, as evidenced above, the Rocky movie directed by John G. Avildsen is greatly influenced by the Marxist views in the aspects of a capitalist society. Marxism holds that a capitalist society is the one in which people fight to gain their own personal needs without considering the welfare of the rest. He views such society as illogical because it ends up in wars and where capitalist governments are overthrown and others come up. In contrary, a communist society is where there is a collective responsibility in ensuring that the welfare of all people in a country is catered. Rocky, in this movie, symbolize the low class or the poor people living in a capitalist society. The rich man, Gazzio, and Apollo Creed are among the people living in the high class. Consequently, they exploit the poor negatively for their own personal gains to maintain their social status.