Mary Poppins, presented by Children’s Theatre of Charlotte, is a playwright presented by Julian Fellows. I attended the play on (DATE). The play is about a well-to-do family who needs a nanny to help with their children. The children lacked discipline and chased away their last nanny. Mary Poppins comes and helps the children see a better way of life, but there are still issues in the family that need to be addressed. The nanny conspires to bring the parents back together and reprioritize the family value. Once she has completed her mission, she takes off, flying away in the sky.

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I believe the creative and playwright team is trying to establish the Disney magic by creating a play that shows dreams can come true. They presented a positive message through color songs, stage sets, and actors to portray the disorder in a family and the need to change before a disaster happens.

A decisive moment for me was how Mary Poppins used ordinary, or unordinary, people to teach vital lessons. They portrayed Bert, a talented artist in a very ragged manner, but it forced the viewer to look past the external experience to see there was more to see. I feel that the lesson was transparent throughout the play, and the production did an excellent job of portraying characters differently. It is something that could be transferred into our own lives, not seeing people on the surface, but considering what is underneath it all.

The Children’s Theatre of Charlotte was an excellent place for the Mary Poppins play. It is a large, modern facility that allows for a large viewing audience. The seats were roomy, and you were not sitting on top of the person next to you. It was the perfect choice for the audience as the play is geared mainly for children. They have state of the art capabilities and were able to comply with the demands of the play. The actors had the resources they needed to perform. I would attend another production at this theatre, it was a great experience, and I would love to see how they can transform the theatre to meet the needs of other plays. I would see another show written by this playwright because it was very captivating, and you were drawn into what was taking place on the stage. Even though the play differs from the movie and book, it transferred the essential features onto the stage. The stage and auditorium were appropriate for the play. It provided a modern environment with the resources to transform a blank space into the magical world of Mary Poppins.

The director had a strong concept of how to take the most meaningful moments from the original context and present it on stage. The vision did not work in any way obscure the meaning; it only emphasized the crucial parts of the story. There were no visible elements of production that did not coordinate smoothly and efficiently. There were several intermissions, allowing them to change the stage and prepare for the next part of the play. The rhythm and pace of the production were appropriate. Interludes were frustrating because I found myself engrossed in the story, but it is necessary for children to have time to go the bathroom and move around. The stage was maximized to create a scene with all essential visual effects. It allowed the cast enough room to move around while still having a set backdrop. The only point where the director pulled the experience out of the auditorium was a cut out of Mary Poppins in the lobby. It was an attractive opportunity for attendees to get pictures.

One of my favorite parts of the play was how well the actors did. The actors put so much feeling into their roles, and the characters came to life, in a matter of speaking. The actors were presented in a presentational manner, and in control of every aspect of their role. There were no issues hearing them, they were clear and audible. They danced and used motions that enhanced their role. The costumes, expressions, and overall acting abilities made them very entertaining. I feel that the characters were all individuals, focused on their role, but it worked to tell the bigger story. So, no, they were not working as an ensemble, but they did indirectly.

The set and costumes allowed the viewer to see the time and setting of the event. Lighting and sounds were necessary for establishing a form of reality. It is hard to say that some things of the elements are more important than others because they all helped with the overall outcome. There were no unnecessary problems for the actors; the items were all functional. The set was beautiful, and it shows the vision of the creator was facilitated well.

My reaction to Mary Poppins was excitement. It was so entertaining and considering the many different parts that went into making this play made it so amazing. The only negative aspect of the entire experience was the intermissions, even though they were necessary. I felt like I was attending a professional play based on the detail and quality of the set, actors, and costumes. If there were any mistakes in the show, the cast and crew covered it well, because I could not. I cannot sing enough praise for the director, creator, cast and crew. They did a phenomenal job, and it was a great experience.