Graduate education is necessary for career specialty and credentialing, and involves an extension of skills, knowledge and experience. Towards these purposes, graduate education builds on prior academic knowledge and work experiences to prepare an individual to participate as a professional in solving current societal problems and challenges. This forms the basis for my desire to pursue graduate education in the area of Human Resources Management. Furthermore, since graduate education brings together a diverse group of persons with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences, I believe that graduate education represents a unique opportunity for intellectual enrichment, multi-cultural learning and global awareness.

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Loyola Marymount University is widely acknowledged as an educational institution that provides top-notch education for students from around the world. My desire to study at this institution stems from the belief that the school will provide the knowledge, skills and academic experience I need to succeed in my career choice. Not only does the school promote critical inquiry, it also respects individual integrity while providing excellent educational training. This is very meaningful for me as I can apply myself diligently to my education and receive the support to fulfill my educational potential in this school.

My interest is in human resource management as an important part of modern business and the modern economy. I am interested in efficient human resources development in ways that effectively address the challenges caused by rapid change and international mobility, applying modern theories and best practices in the field. My background in organizational management and administration prepares me for this step. I have a background that includes studies in areas such as strategic planning, organizational analysis, organizational development, public relations and accounting. With these and other knowledge gained during my undergraduate education, I believe that I am well prepared to pursue a graduate education at Loyola Marymount University.

Furthermore, I understand that every student has a unique experience and insight from their life experiences, and I hope to be able to learn from other students’ stories and experiences. I also hope to contribute to the academic community and learning opportunities through sharing my own experiences. My work experience has included working as a sales manager with KM Properties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an experience that involved intensive interaction with people. During this time, I gained valuable practical insights about communication, interpersonal skills, marketing and business management. This experience helped define my career direction towards human resource management. In addition to gaining credentials as a human resource management professional, I am looking forward to being able to acquire knowledge on areas such as policy development and planning around human resources, as well as the legal, organizational and ethical principles that underpin human resources strategies. I am interested in how these can be translated in a global context into effective programs that are meaningful for the organization, the human resources staff, and the lives of people as individuals.

I am committed to full participation in the opportunities offered by the institution to gain knowledge in my chosen field if admitted, and to work as a team with my classmates to fulfil required academic responsibilities. Ultimately my goal is to contribute to societal development and the welfare of people through a career in human resources management.