A1. I have more than seven years of work experience including more than three years in the healthcare sector. I started out as a customer service representative in the healthcare sector before moving to more advanced positions including project manager. My work has allowed me to witness the tremendous transformation the healthcare sector has been going through. The national healthcare spending is already huge and it will only grow due to a diverse range of factors including the aging population and the implementation of ACA in the U.S. While I have been fortunate to work on many challenging assignments in the healthcare sector, my responsibilities have remained restricted to the operational aspects. An MBA will help me gain access to more strategic leadership positions. After looking at the academic and professional qualifications of the management-level leaders at various healthcare organizations, I discovered many of them hold graduate degrees including an MBA.My decision to pursue an MBA has also been inspired by the fact that the healthcare organizations have been growing at a rapid pace and there is a renewed emphasis on business-oriented leadership and operating efficiency. Thus, it is not surprising many business schools offer an MBA with a focus on Healthcare Management. The decision to pursue an MBA also reflects my commitment to continuous learning. The MBA will, indeed, be a significant investment in my future. But it will not be the end of my educational journey as I am committed to lifelong learning to stay competitive as a healthcare professional.
A2. I was inspired to apply to ABC University (ABC) after learning about the MBA Healthcare Program. After I looked over the program curriculum, it was clear the curriculum had been designed in close collaboration with the employers in the healthcare sector. MBA Healthcare is a perfect fit for me because I seek a long-term career in the healthcare sector and this program is, particularly, aimed at preparing the students for the leadership positions in the local and global healthcare sector. I am also excited at the prospects of learning from fellow students, many of whom also have professional healthcare background. Similarly, my knowledge and insights will benefit my fellow students as I have worked closely with a diverse group of healthcare industry stakeholders including the management, customers, suppliers, and the regulating authorities.
I have spoken to the current and past MBA Healthcare students and most of them had to say very positive things about the professors. They, particularly, pointed out the fact that many professors have had a professional career in the healthcare sector. As a result, they are able to strike a balance between theoretical ideas and real world observations. I am also attracted to ABC’s vast professional network. As an MBA Healthcare student, I will have the opportunity to network with leaders and other professionals with healthcare background. It is quite comforting to know that the MBA Healthcare students are highly desired by the healthcare companies because it makes me even more optimistic about my future.
A3. The healthcare sector will continue to become more competitive. The healthcare organizations are increasingly being managed as for-profit businesses. Through my MBA, I hope to gain a better understanding of the theories and models that best describe the healthcare organizations including its stakeholders. I already possess practical experience in the healthcare sector and an MBA will make it easier for me to gain access to the management level positions. One of the greatest characteristics of the MBA Healthcare Program is the opportunity to interact with fellow students that have quite similar professional aspirations. I won’t be surprised if I meet my future business partners in the MBA Healthcare Program. The healthcare sector is ripe for further innovation, thanks to the advancements in information and communication technologies. Thus, it is possible I and some of my fellow MBA students identify an entrepreneurial opportunity in the healthcare sector and decide to act upon it.
I am aware from my professional experiences soft skills are as important if not more than technical skills. While I do possess strong communication, leadership, and teamwork skills, there is always a room for improvement. MBA Healthcare Program also focuses on helping the students improve their soft skills that may prove highly beneficial in the real world. If I do take the entrepreneurial path, these soft skills will come in handy in negotiating with the potential investors as well as hiring early employees. I have no doubt my professional experiences and MBA degree will significantly enhance my future career prospects.

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