Song that best represents my philosophy of life is I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts. This song may be quite familiar to many people as it was the theme song of the popular comedy series Friends.

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I believe it is important to surround yourself with true friends in life. Life rarely progresses as planned and it is full of upsets and difficulties. No one can protect us from all the harsh realities of life, not even our families, and it does not matter which economic and social background we have come from. It is also important to understand one usually needs the help of other people to get through life and good friends are arguably the most reliable group of people.

This song touches upon lot of good qualities true friends possess. First of all, true friends are not there for us in good times only but also bad times. True friends do not judge us no matter what happens but support us and guide us. The name of the song is quite appropriate as it emphasizes the fact that a true friend will always be there for us in good and bad times. Friends have certain advantages over the families as the song suggests. Our friends usually belong to our age groups and they often have been through the same experiences as us. As a result, they have a deeper understanding of our struggles and issues than even our parents.

The song may seem like it is mostly focused on the aspects of true friendships but a closer look at the lyrics reveal it is also reflecting upon the reality of life. There are days in life when things are well while there are also days in life when nothing seems to go right. Similarly, our parents might have taught lot of things but no one can really prepare us for all the struggles we may go through in life.