Since early childhood, I have been interested in engineering. I wondered how this or that mechanism worked. For me, engineering is not just a good job and high salary, but also a science that shapes the world. Mechanical engineering is a discipline that encompasses various sciences, including math, physics, art, etc. It is not only about fixing and constructing something. A real engineer should breathe life into his creation. This profession requires the comprehensive approach, planning, and designing. Moreover, a real engineer should clear understand the purposes of his creation and set reasonable goals. All these tasks require in-depth knowledge in different fields of science. I think that broad knowledge and creative approach are keys to successful engineering. Mechanical engineering is a foundation of almost every aspect of our life. It is very complex science. The challenge is everything for me. Therefore I want to be the mechanical engineer. This discipline makes thoughts real and leaves the space for creativity. I am a practical person and rely strongly on what I can perceive, touch and see. Mechanical engineering deals with machines, structures, equipment and other facilities that provide real benefit to the society. This science is not about some abstract things. Therefore, mechanical engineering is exactly what I need. I believe that mechanical engineering drives the progress. Due to this disciple, people develop new facilities and implement innovations that ease the life of people. Now, it is hard to imagine the life without cars, trains, trucks and household equipment. Engineering is not just a science but a combination of various disciplines and achievements of humanity. In other words, it is a science about everything. Modern life and all available modern conveniences would be impossible without mechanical engineering. I am firmly convinced that this science will be critical in future since it is actually about the future. When I was a child, I was interested in the way things work. I took my toys to pieces and tried to repair them. Later, these ideas become a principle of my life. During my schooling, I participated in different activities, societies, and clubs that dealt with mechanical engineering. By the end of school years, I came to the conclusion that mechanical engineering is my greatest passion. So, I started to read different journals, online articles, and books that were devoted to mechanical engineering. I was interested in the design of engines, chassis, and different types of sensors. The design of turbines, various facilities that produce alternative power and space technologies were also in the focus of my attention.
I also visited various exhibitions and lectures that related to the development of modern engineering technologies. All innovations and achievements in engineering impress me much and encourage me to take an active part in this process. I want to be a part of engineering world and share my ideas with others. It is evident to me that the path to the success will be difficult since mechanical engineering is a complex science that requires great efforts and devotion.
I have chosen your university since it is a good opportunity for me to gain new skills and knowledge in mechanical engineering. I am going to become a real professional and consider that this university is a place which can provide me such opportunity. I suppose that the study in the University will broaden my horizons in the scientific field. I hope to reach set goals and succeed during the study. All obtained knowledge and skills will be useful in my future career. I want to shape the world and suppose that my ideas and efforts will bring significant benefits to the society.

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