Mechanical engineering is a wide field in the engineering entity because it has various disciplines that are related to it. The major role and purpose of the mechanical engineering is the testing, building, development and design of mechanical and thermal devices. Therefore, mechanical engineers are important people in the society as they are concerned with the regulation and management of all the engines, tools and machines involved in various industrial and mechanical processes. To ensure that he machines and tools operate in the required manner, mechanical engineers study the operations of the systems and the multiple engine systems. This assists them in managing and removing errors in the operation of these systems.
My interest in the mechanical engineering field has grown over the years. The development of the interests has inspired time to undertake education in the filed in the best learning institution in the world. This is essential because it will assist me in achieving my lifetime dream. An essential inspiration is the need to become the best mechanical engineer in the world through developing systems and devices that are suitable to the requirements of the society today. This can also assist me to have a strategic insight into the field through preparing the machines and other mechanical entities in the society for the future.

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The advent of the industrial revolution formed the advent of the evolution of the mechanical engineering. It was during this time in the 18th century that the machines associated with the industry began to be used amid the mechanization through the use of the steam engines that gave way to the development of sophisticated systems. The 19th century also led to the birth of the science of mechanical engineering and is application towards other physics areas. The incorporation of the scientific attributes and research in the mechanical engineering field is one of the key factors that has led to the present day status of the complex mechanical systems that operate in the industry. This has also led to the continued increase in the standards used in the development and application of the mechanical systems.

There are various branches of mechanical engineering to which an individual can venture. This is associated with the educational advancement in the areas of expertise and their application in nature. The experts in these field acquire studies in the same basis before differentiating into their majoring parts for advanced studies. Some of the common areas of specialization include robotics, mechatronics, structural analysis, thermodynamics and design. All these branches if mechanical engineering are based on the principles of mechanics in relation to various field of their application and to the specialization of the machines that are used in these fields. The use of technology in these branches of mechanical engineering is imperative because it inspires the production of the systems into hybrid entities that are important to the operation of these systems. Therefore, the vats application of technology and mechanical skills is important in the formulation of the systems important for the society.

The professional mechanical engineers work in various environments depending on the level of education and expertise. Mechanical engineers can work as engineers in offices where they operate as managers while in other situations they can work in field where there are mechanical and mechatronic projects to be accomplished. Most of the places where the mechanical engineer work are the engineering companies, development and research institutions, federal governments and manufacturing industries. The basic level of education for the experts in mechanical engineering is a basic Bachelor’s Degree in the field accompanied by other relevant specialization certificates.