According to Dr. Alba Perez’s speech on mechanical engineering, the subject is often misunderstood owing to the various sub-topics which are encompassed in the subject. In this case, Perez takes the time to break down her interpretation of mechanical engineering and its effect on various aspects of life. As such, the paper provides a summary of the speech and takes on a more personal approach to the information relayed by Dr. Perez. Ideally, most people have a preconceived understanding of mechanical engineering and its role in the market. Engineering involves the creation, design, and manufacture of both simple and complex parts which all translate from an idea to a product. Notably, in order to understand the essentiality of the course to the marketplace, one has to know about the skills and responsibilities of an engineer. As such, mechanical engineering concentrates on the transformation of simple and complex products and through the inclusion of thermal energy. To add on, mechanical engineering looks at the forces which determine the formation of the product into its final stage of use. Moreover, the discipline concentrates on designing products which have systems which enhance their motion.
In essence, mechanical engineering has played a significant role in the transportation industry. For example, engineers are required to create systems such as the chassis in cars, airplanes, and spacecrafts which all need engines that enhance the motion of the product. Over the years, the transportation industry has evolved to meet the needs of individuals in society. As such, engineers have taken advantage of the rising need by improving on the aesthetic with regard to the improvement of the transmissions, craft systems, and control systems of automotive by products. Hence, mechanical engineers work in various sectors but mostly focus on creating motion within a product.

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