The use of social media has been adopted in advertising different commodities owing to high coverage that the social media offers. There are different sites within the social media platform that can be assumed depending on the targeted group of customers. Mobile phone handset is one of the commodities that can be promoted through the use of the social media. Among the form of social media that can be adopted is the use of discussion forum. Discussion forums involve sites like Facebook that allows for discussion among the subscribers.

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Checklist for adopting the ad
In designing the ad, there are certain aspects that will be taken into keen consideration;
Target customer: The customers targeted by the form of advertisement must be identified. The form of ad being adopted should be accessed by the targeted potential customers.
Coverage: The desired extent of coverage must be given precedence in the design
Costs: The form of ad to be adopted should fall within the set financial budget
Feedback: The form of social media promotion to be embraced should allow for immediate feedback. Immediate feedback will be made possible through online communication channels existing within the platform.

Risks associated with the use of Discussion forums
There are a number of risks associated with the use of discussion forums like facebook that should be effectively be considered in the design process.
Misunderstanding of the information: Through the interaction among different groups of persons allowed in the discussion forums, potential customers could misunderstand certain information regarding the product through different perceptions from different subscribers. The producer should be keen to prevent instances of possible miscommunication through constantly updating product information in the ads presented.
Wrong target group: There are a number of persons using these discussion forums and other forms of social media. At times, an ad could be posted to a discussion forum with group of persons that are not potential customers. Extensive research on the target group and subscribers to a given discussion forum would help in avoiding this risk.
Changing users of the sites: The users of the social media often changes from time to time. This will pose the need for constant integration of the ads to meet the needs of the new users.

In presenting the actual product to the potential customers, there are certain selling strategies that should be embraced in order to achieve the desired selling objectives.

Firstly, pricing strategies that are favorable should be embraced. The use of price penetration can be adopted. This pricing mechanism involves setting considerably low prices in order to attract customers besides out-performing other competing companies within the industry. Through the use of this sell8ing strategy, customers’ loyalty will also be improved.

Another selling strategy that will also be in line with the goals is the use of differentiation. Differentiation will allow for designing of the commodity to be presented in the market uniquely. Ensuring that the commodity is unique from other alternative products in the market will induce high levels of satisfaction among the customers hence strong loyalty among the customers. The discussion forums will also allow for online purchase request and delivery. Through designed user profiles, potential customers should able to make orders online after accessing the aspects in the desired products. In the course of delivery, user interfaces should allow for continuous communication between buyers and producers so as to ascertain the delivery positions of the commodity.

Integrated marketing communications is revealed to be critical in adopting a given form of advertisement to be embraced. Producers should consider various aspects that will positively impact on the quality of the advert.