The overall trend of the media for the past fifty years has made voices be heard across the world and the same pattern in expected to increase into the future. For the past couple of years, people were constrained from expressing their views and opinion regarding the issues that affect them in their daily lives. Happily, the media has now been transformed to empower people to speak without fear of manipulation. More specifically, the media has been developed in a manner that media personnel is provided with protections while undertaking their duties and undertakings (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).
Consequently, unlike in the past couple of years, the media has occupied a relatively large portion of the contemporary society. For example, the media is now used to educate the people about various things that affect their daily life undertakings. Moreover, the media has also proved to be a major vessel from which prominent and influential people can meet the members of the public. The media has also been developed to ensure that people are provided with equal opportunities of being exposed to the larger society regardless of their social differences. For example, the media has proved crucial in as far as exposing the evil deeds of the community thus empowering weak people to be heard (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

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The median is promising in as far as necessitating voices to be heard concerned as we venture into the future. For example, the vessel has now been integrated with technology that use satellite platforms to transmit news and information meaning that all the world would be brought into light into the future. The recent developments where media personnel are networked to various parts of the world means that it will prove crucial in exposing the voices of the people as we enter the future. Therefore, the society should support the media and consequently apprehend its position to ensure that people are provided with equal opportunities of being heard regardless of their societal class (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

The use of social media has substantially improved the levels of education in various world nations. It provides a significant platform from where educators and the students can share their ideas and learning experiences thus improving the knowledge that they acquire on end. In addition to that, social media platforms have proved crucial in the management of emergency issues such as fire because the members of the public have been empowered to share emergency concerns to the responsible stakeholders thus necessitating the responsiveness of their actions. The use of social media has also improvised how people from different geographical localities make friends. Unlike in the past where apparently people had to meet verbally to make friends, the technology has improved the state of things by ensuring that people make friends by single clicks (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

If was a businessperson, I would use social media to boost the productivity of my business activity by various means. First, I would create a social media page where I can interact with my customers and weigh down their preferences. I would also use social media to advertise the products and services that my business offers and why they should prefer my goods and services to that of other competing business ventures. Finally, I would use social media to educate my customers about my goods alongside creating a platform that would be used to gather their issues and aspirations (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

Despite relying on social media for my business activities, I would also be cautious on various issues. For example, I would be careful not to be conned by people who have evil intentions. I would also be careful to consequently ensure that some of the negative responses that are likely to be geared down to some customers do not affect my business agendas. Finally, I would be cautious not to advertise products and services that my business venture does not offer because it can create negative perceptions from the customers (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

Technological ventures such as the internet, smartphones, and video games justify the levels of creativity and innovativeness that we hold. It is imperatively captivating that the face of the current world is way off different from how it was a couple of centuries back. More importantly, technology has empowered people to explore the world and come up with ideas that are crucial to resolving issues and concerns that affect them. In addition to that, the development of technology has paved the way for the creation of measures that could be used to protect lives and consequently foster peace and unity amongst the people (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

Innovations such as the establishment of smartphones describe the far that we have come regarding global transformations. For example, unlike in the past couple of centuries where communication was constrained, the use of smartphones has empowered people to exchange information regardless of their geographical localities. In addition to that, the technology has also been designed in a manner that people can communicate lively leave alone sharing of instant emails. Apparently, the fact that smartphones have now been integrated with health management apps means that the future holds a lot in the industry (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

The developments that are being experienced in various fields of the world portray that people have significant capabilities. Consequently, coming up with rationales for making lives easier are far from an easy task. Apparently, unlike animals, human beings have been working tirelessly to ensure that they are substantially distinguished and noticeable. The internet, for instance, has transformed the world into a global village where people can share ideas and information regardless of the geographical locations where they reside or operate. In retrospect to that, organizational stakeholders such as the managers have been empowered to manage their respective corporations virtually from distant localities. Thus, bearing in mind the current innovations that are being experienced in the face of the world, it is imperatively evident that if the trend continues, the world will transform into a great realization into the future (Smaldino, Lowther & Russell, 2012).

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