Being one of the most popular TV shows, House of Cards discloses numerous significant issues about the contemporary political and ideological life in the USA. House of Cards is a show, released in 2013 by BBC. Based on the novel of the same name, the show is a political drama, consisted of five seasons. The show is especially interesting and significant, as it demonstrates the political production and the process of Presidential elections from the insight. Due to a deep ideological background, dramatic plot, and frank political ambitions, the TV show House of Cards appears to be a full-fledged expression of the American reality.

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The main ideological issues of the show revolve around a highly ambitious Congressman of the Democratic party Frank Underwood. The protagonist Frank demonstrates the essence of mutual cooperation in politics, as he helps Garret Walker to become the President of the USA in return Garret promises to make Frank the US Secretary of State. The point of the show is that after the election, the head of the presidential administration informs Frank he will not get the position of Secretary. In order to revenge the newfound President, Frank and his wife are ready to go at all.

Despite being an imaginative media product, which is not based on any documentary or real facts, House of Cards appears to be deeply ideological. Depicting the essence of the contemporary politics, the show demonstrates that the elections have nothing in common with sincere promises, persuasions, good will, and thinking of a better future for the American citizens. Politics is a business process, based on mutual cooperation, revenge, ambitions, and power. On the other hand, the show depicts the elections and getting the highest political positions as full of skillful creativity and a range of specific approaches. As well as the show is for the general audience, it is aimed at showing the reality of American political life and the essence of the US democratic model.