The media is one of the most powerful and influential institutions in the United States. While the public rates the media rather poorly and says that it�s biased in its reporting, the media still influences the public by a wide margin (Easley, 2017). The media doesn�t need to be well-liked by people to be influential, as the ability to introduce an issue or simply raise up the issue in people�s minds is coveted (Kessler, 2013). This is why we are now seeing a consolidation of media sectors, and this includes music, movies and television. We are witnessing a changing of demographics, and with these changes comes different long-term trends. The first trend we have witnessed is Netflix and online movies and TV giants like Amazon. These companies have tapped into millennials� preference to stay at home and binge on shows rather than going out to the movies. Therefore, the sector of the media that is really struggling today are movies, as less people seem interested in going to the theater (Lang, 2017). The news business is stronger than ever, but this is because of how entertaining and interesting our current President is. This will most likely be a four to eight year fad that dies out when the next President comes. People will begin to turn off the TV and move to social networking sites to get their news; many have already done this and more will continue to do so thanks to the conveniences social media provides. I think this will result in social media and tech giants becoming some of the most powerful companies in the future. While media companies will always be coveted by rich names who want to influence public opinion, the diversity of information and sources will ultimately allow people to form their own opinion thanks to the endless bounds of the internet.

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