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The Andy Griffith Show vs. I Love Lucy

In I Love Lucy its scenes in various episode go on for a very long time. These scenes are divided down to different characters. Based on this trait of the film, it is evident that this video is different in its mise-en-scene and editing. For instance, the second period, Ethel...

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Appropriate Media in Communication

Communication is a very essential part of life. Some of the elemental aspects of communication include the acquisition and transmission of messages. Communication enhances high levels of collaboration through facilitating networking among a group of people. Through communication, an individual can propagate the acquisition of very high relational skills in...

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Influence of the media on Armenian Culture

The Republic of Armenia has a rich and ancient cultural heritage. It is located at the crossroads where east meets west. To the west, Europe, to the north, Russia and to the east and south, the Middle East. It is a place of deep tradition that is currently undergoing a...

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Violence And Media

There is no question that violence in the media affects the brain. A study provided by the Indiana University School of Medicine demonstrates that violence alters the brain. Specifically one week of playing violent video games produced "visible alterations in MRI brain scans" among young men (Archer, 2013, para 1)....

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Is Social Media A Substitute Or An Addition Or The Traditional Marketing Tool?

The emergence of social media, also known as consumer-generated media has left a significant imprint on integrated marketing communications (IMC). This form of media includes a wide range of new online information sources (consumer service rating forums, consumer-to-consumer e-mails, Internet discussion boards, etc.) that often used for the purpose of...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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