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Detecting Media Bias

The number of media available to the average consumer has vastly multiplied in recent years to the extent that most of us carry one around with us every day. Our smartphones, tablets and laptops can go with us wherever we go and can keep us up to date on just...

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Violence in the Media

Media plays a direct role in today's society. Many publications notify the public of current affairs that are important to the community. The media has the responsibility of informing the public about criminal acts. However, the media also has an influence on the types of behaviors that prevail in the...

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Media Analysis Paper

There is a proliferation of research today which suggests that mass media, and particularly images used in advertising, suggest that for a woman to be "attractive" it is necessary to be skinny, tall, and usually fair-skinned, with "tubular" bodies and fair hair dominating advertising imagery (Dittmar and Howard, 2004). This...

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Violent Media

The role that media plays in the socialization process is difficult to overestimate, especially given the increasing importance of Internet in the life of society. Our desires and attitudes are ‘created’ inside of our heads by media producers who are skilled in manipulating our thoughts. Gerard Jones uses the word...

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Pros and Cons of Social Media

It is quite true that use of social media in many fields remains to be a highly contradictory issue. Particularly it is controversial in the aspect of interpersonal communication. On the one hand, as remarked by Fogelson et al (2013), social media provide unique opportunities of communication to the people,...

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