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Pros and Cons of Social Media

It is quite true that use of social media in many fields remains to be a highly contradictory issue. Particularly it is controversial in the aspect of interpersonal communication. On the one hand, as remarked by Fogelson et al (2013), social media provide unique opportunities of communication to the people,...

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MFA Photomedia Application Essay

I grew up on a stretch of the I-5 corridor in Oregon, staring out the backseat window, shuffling from one parent to the next. Every other weekend, I made the scenic trek from Douglas to Lane County, losing myself in the passing landscape. I have always been a quiet observer,...

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Accessing Media

Mass media is all around us in different forms, yet how much of it can we trust is actually give us reliable information? The focus of this essay is on how to obtain trustworthy and reliable sources of news from mass media, including the internet and TV. The vast scope...

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The Role Of Social Media

Over time, I befriended with one of my classmates named Mohammad who is particularly interested in information technologies and social media issues. I interviewed him on his perceptions and reflections on the phenomenon of social media and its effects on our life. My first question to Mohammad concerned the nature...

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Media in Society

The two metaphors described in the Media in Society text (2012) that best describe the current news media are media as interloper and media as information. Media as interloper refers to a perception of the news media as coming from a source that seems either out of touch, or does...

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