It has always been my life’s ambition to become a medical doctor. Although I have taken a circuitous route towards that goal, I have never lost sight of what I want to dedicate my life to. Even more specifically, I want to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology because of its dedication to women’s health. The medical profession as a whole is a noble calling that requires the pentultimate in dedication and discipline which are two characteristics that I have worked to cultivate and espouse.
During my younger years, while I was still in middle school, I was drawn to science, and I always wanted to have a deeper understanding of how the human body worked and even how it was affected by the environment. I advanced this curiosity by taking as many science courses as possible while I was in high school. I immersed myself in chemistry, biology, and anatomy and physiology. I found that I was so intrigued by the field of science that making biology my major was the logical choice. Since I had always wanted to become a medical doctor, I decided to double major in biology and pre med. Although I knew the curriculum was going to be excruciatingly difficult, I, nevertheless, set out on my path towards achieving my goal of earning and M.D. to place after my name.

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During my tenure at Essex County College, I decided to pay tribute to my country by enlisting in the United States Army and, after boot camp, serving in the New Jersey Army National Guard. I felt it was important to show respect for my country while paying back all of the opportunities this great nation has afforded me. This experience fostered a dedication and discipline to something other than self. I learned from joining the Army that discipline is something to cultivate on a daily basis. This discipline and dedication carried over into my civilian life as I applied them to my studies and furthering my career choice. I also was presented with an opportunity to volunteer in the medical field which cemented my desire to push toward’s my life’s goal. Every time an occasion presented itself for me to go out into the field with the medics, I responded in the affirmative. This was yet another part of laying the foundation for my future.

As a component of the pre-med program, I was able to volunteer in two areas: gastro-intestinal health and obstetrics and gynecology. For three months I volunteered and shadowed Dr. Arthur Chester Stowe in GI Health. At one point I had thought that this specialty would be the one for me, but, luckily, this shadowing experience proved me wrong. I value this specialty, but the volunteering opportunity showed me that I would not be challenged as much as I so desired if I were in a different specialty. Although I was not deterred from joining the ranks of medical doctors, I knew that I would not specialize in GI health. It was not until I volunteered in the obstetrics and gynecology department at the University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey, that I found my true calling in the medical field. To be part of bringing new life into this world is next to indescribable. After I saw a baby delivered, I knew that I had found my specialty. OB/GYN not only involves the birth aspect, but also ensuring that women have the best healthcare available. An OB/GYN is called upon to help women through a myriad of potential health concerns and issues.

Becoming a medical doctor requires all of the attributes that I currently have: being committed to a purpose, possessing an analytical mind, self motivation, innovative, dynamic, a problem solver, and excellent communications skills. Those traits will serve me well as I continue with my schooling, residency and research. My experience and education have prepared me for life as a medical doctor.