I completed my medical training ten years ago. I spent my first few years developing my clinical skills as a general practitioner. However, I always held an interest in research and how findings could have the potential to influence health and well being in a broader sense. I then decided to pursue further education with Masters in Public Health. Upon completion of that degree, I then moved into a role with the Public Health Department. Here I gained experience in the development and implementation of education programs designed to target local and global health concerns. Since the beginning of last year I have been involved with the Women’s Wellness Initiative. The current areas of focus include wellbeing during midlife and the implementation of an immunization program targeting women before, during and after pregnancy. I am also in process with the completion of my doctoral degree in Health Care Management and Leadership at Johns Hopkins.
My training in public health helped me to recognize the importance of community awareness as it relates to making an impact on the incidence and prevalence of disease as well as negative behaviors. However, the composite of my experiences have led me to a point where I feel that I need to sharpen my research skills further. I want to become well versed in the process of designing, implementing and managing clinical trials. Within a program such as this I can become better acquainted with the ethical, regulatory and economical principles that are integral to the success of clinical trials. I am confident upon completion of this program I will be able to design and manage a clinical trial in the settings that I work.

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I am a dedicated and enthusiastic practitioner, who is passionate about finding ways to improve the health and well being of the populations I serve. Clinical trials are an important component to the ongoing evolution of health care. These studies help to discover improved ways to diagnose, screen for, prevent and manage diseases. I look forward with great anticipation to the contributions that I can make towards improved health upon completion of your program.