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Healthcare in Ukraine

For this discussion, I chose to review a healthcare system in Ukraine, one of the Central (Eastern) European countries. One of the defining features of the current healthcare landscape in Europe is its post-Soviet heritage and historical circumstances which defined the country’s ongoing transition (Cela, 2019). In the 20th century,...

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Virtue Character and Medical Mistake

Virtue Character Aristotle defined character as a state of being or having proper inner states. For instance, he indicates that the virtue of kindness entails having the right types of emotions as well as the inner states regarding the feeling that a person has towards others. Character according to Aristotle...

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The World Health Organization (WHO) forcefully endorsed the use of DDT across Africa (Dugger). One million people in Africa die each year from malaria and 800,000 of those dying are children (Tren & Bate, 1). South Africa hit hard by malaria with an increase of 1000 percent in five years...

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Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery is also referred to as sex change surgery which is the last stage that is done in the physical transition in relations to transgendered or transsexual female-to-male or male-to-female. The procedure in this case involves the removal of the genitalia of an individual’s sex and replacing or...

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The Ethics and Legality of Medication Error Disclosure

The ethical demands on a nurse practitioner do not always come to the fore when working individually with patients. Nurses often consider ethical regulations in the context of oversight from medical superiors rather than with respect to the knowledge of the patient. However, the question of what a patient knows...

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