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Spectrum Family Medicine

The healthcare delivery system is made up of complex elements that work together through coordination in order to form a spectrum of facilities. The spectrum of facilities offers a number of locations of discharge locations. The discharge locations are available to increase the effectiveness of a patient’s hospital course. The...

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Prevention of Pressure Ulcer

The prevalence of pressure ulcers in hospital populations is as high as 18 per cent. The factors that determine pressure ulcer prevalence are old age, lack of mobility, low serum albumin, cognitive disability, and incontinence. However, the prevalence of pressure ulcers can be reduced through systematic work based on interventions....

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Plastic Surgery Essay

In the modern world, plastic surgery has turned out as a popular procedure for people to fit in their culture, gender, and feeling confidence about their appearance. The practice of plastic surgery has put a lot of pressure for the individual to resemble models and to be accepted in the...

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Endocrine And Musculoskeletal Disorders

Multiple sclerosis can be described as a disease disorder that affects that central nervous system thereby inhibiting the flow of information in the brain and between the brain and other body parts. Unfortunately, multiple sclerosis has no cure (Kargiotis et al., 2010). That means that the treatments that are usually...

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Case Study 2: Hyperlipidemia

Scenario R.M. is an active 61-year-old man who works full time for the postal service. He walks 3 miles every other day and admits he doesn’t eat a “perfect diet.” He enjoys 2 or 3 beers q HS (every night), he uses stick margarine, eats red meat 2 or 3...

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