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Medieval history

The First Crusade

Different times in history, in accordance to prevailing conditions, can be inferred as inspiring different forms of revolution that have served to promote or derail progress and/or development in various aspects of human activity. This highlights the circumstances in which Catholicism’s rose into prominence during the 11th and 12th century...

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How Does Petrarch Change The Medieval World With The Introduction Of Humanism?

Francis Petrarch, being one of the most influential poets of the Middle Ages, is also known to be the first major figure of the Humanism - the social and intellectual movement, which lies at the basis of the Renaissance (Plumb & Bishop, 2001). The ideals of Humanism pervaded the literature,...

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The Bubonic Plague

European society was irrevocably altered as a consequence of the pandemic bubonic plague. It was not only due to the large percentage of the population that died, but that it affected everyone regardless of economic standing, social rank, or church position. Rich, poor, middling class, the clergy from priests to...

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Consequences of travel and trade along the Silk Road

The Silk Road was a trade route of immense importance and influence. It managed to connect large territories, and became an important step of the world towards globalization. The process of the route's development was a gradual one. It was primarily instilled by the spread of various empires including the...

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Crusades and the Western World

Crusades in the eleventh century were carried out by religious ideals whereby a society’s rights were determined by their religious affiliation. Evidently, Muslims and Christians had been interacting before the major crusades were implemented. Initially, Christian pilgrims traveled from Europe to the Middle East and although tolerance between the two...

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