What has been happening, it is hard to write all at once. I am tired so much but I want for people to know about these things that I feel and others feel.

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It is very hard to learn and write in English. I hope that I learn better English this way. This will be for good in my resume. So I try in English to tell my story. This way maybe I help for to understand for persons. With English then many more understand, and I think with Facebook, Twitter, there is lots of place to understand. But first to make clear for myself, in mind myself.

So many persons think so many things are simple. It is not simple for to be a refugee, and I am a refugee in Greece in the 21st century. The first problem is critical for now that is water and food. I want to be more careful about it but it is difficult. There are so many choice and I only have not many. It is not my bad decision that makes it this way. How to explain this to people, so that they want to care about it and make differences for all of these people?

It is not just me. So many people, there are so many people, so let me show you how broad understanding this happened. There is no shame to these people but all our treated as if we have been some criminals.

With my English when it is better then I can use more better ways for bring the good attention to hardworking people who for difficult situation can bear no good business and put their talent for working.

For right now there is no status and no help just sometimes there are government who are counting us. No one is counting all of the knowledge and skills of people here. Because no one counts this, no one know how much the world loses because this is not a good way and all the people do not work and do their trade. When all people they make their best work, then everybody has the best life. But when the people have trouble for water and food, then there is no benefit.

People want to use their skills and there is no business so they use for purposes to try to make a better life. This has problems because this is what the newspaper say about us, what these people do. It is because they very are having trouble and not because they are not hardworking and good people. There is no place where we are allowed for existing. For getting water and food this is hard. It is harder than just no job, and worse.

I sleep on a mattress outside and it is always wet because nothing is for covering it. When I walk to somewhere for buy coffee and food the people are afraid of me as though I would hurt them. They are so scared they do not see how I am suffering and it is bad.

People talk because Golden Dawn. This is a political party in Greece, and they do not want us here or anywhere. I am not sure where they want us to be, maybe not to even exist. This is such a problem. It makes me scared for democracy because the Golden Dawn they convince everybody and then that is the way it is and we have no rights. This is not what is right for people and to respect they are living and they have rights. But we live in nowhere as nobody with no status. We cannot do much in that situation.

For me it is important to remember right now that I am a person and I am just important like everyone else. Every person can do something in this world. Every person should be able to do what they can do and then there is more in the world.

These are things I think about every day. Food, water and how the world loses because so many smart people and good people they are so busy because of this survival that nobody benefits. This is not right but this is the way right now.

I think less about myself and more about the others and the group. Together there is so much that we can do but right now, we barely can be doing nothing. We work so hard just for survival but why is there no one interested?

I do not want to feel like a beggar but when I try to explain how I had to come here. The way I have to prove every point about that history that was my suffering. And then the hatred on top of all that has been lost and sacrificed.

It is me, but then it is so, so many others. Do Europe and the Western world not see what is happening because it is uncomfortable for them?