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Mental health

Mental Health Service Use among Mental Health Adolescents

Among the many things that affect children are mental health issues. As a result, some youth must seek mental health services. One mental health issue that adolescents act on or struggle with wanting to do is committing suicide. This behavior is the third well known cause of death among child...

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The Impact of Infertility on a Couple

Infertility normally relates to the failure to become pregnant after 12 months of unprotected regular sex every few days. The purpose of this paper is to take an in depth look at the impact that infertility has on a couple. Elements that are covered include addressing the financial, emotional, cultural,...

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Picture a mother sitting in front of her two year old child asking, “Can you say mama? Say mama?” The child sits unresponsive, uncaringly and even appears to not show any feeling as their parent leads them in socialization. Another scene where a classroom full of Preschool aged children are...

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Drawing and Camping are Relaxation Activities for Soul and Body

Extremely fast pace of college life makes its undeniable impact on students’ general physical and mental health. Dozens of assignments, active social life, and household duties run in never ending circle. Relaxation is an important method to ease tension and recuperate. I prefer drawing in my everyday life and camping...

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Psychopathology: Causes and Consequences

Research has revealed that most mental disorders are brought about by a combination of environmental, biological and psychological factors. Mental illness that is linked to abnormal functioning of the nerve cell system or trails that link certain brain areas is said to be biologically caused. There are also rare cases...

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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