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Mental health

Anxiety Disorders in African Americans in Brooklyn, New York and Methods of Intervention

This paper will describe how anxiety disorders among African Americans in Brooklyn can be recognized, treated and even prevented. In regard to the public health goals in the Take Care New York 2016 Preliminary Plan, one of the goals is to promote mental health. Recognizing and assisting the African American...

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Reflective Account: Brain Injury Patients and Holistic Approaches to Care

There are believed to be an estimated two million people that experience a brain injury or brain accident annually in America, frequently landing them in the emergency room. A large percentage of these injuries are believed to be mild and moderate cases that often are left untreated, however, many of...

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Spirituality in Mental Health

Spirituality involves “the belief and obedience to anal powerful force usually called God” that they believe controls their purpose in life (Verghese, 2008). There are many means to spirituality according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (2015) it is the way that people find the meaning, hope, comfort, and...

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Importance of Suicidal Treatments

In modern society, high levels of stress lead many people to depression and may even influence them to take their own lives. People often tend to focus on suicide prevention rather than treating suicidal attempts. This is important because treatments of suicidal attempts may significantly reduce the probability of any...

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Health-Medical Psychology: Bipolar Disorder

As an emerging population, the African American ethnic minority group is one of largest minority population within the U.S. As a people, African Americans origin indicates African ancestry, however many African Americans are of non-African American ancestors. This emerging population is largely descendants of slaves, which is defined as individuals...

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The Auditory Hallucinations Intervention Guide: Promoting recovery with an interactive assessment tool

Summary of Article and Strengths/Weaknesses The article by Trygstand, Buccheri, Buffum, Ju, and Dowling (2015) presented an overview of a new tool called the Auditory Hallucinations Interview guide, which is a relatively short, 32-item tool that can help nurses working in a psychiatric department. The Auditory Hallucinations Interview guide was...

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Balance and Self Efficacy of Balance in Children with Charge Syndrome

Children with CHARGE syndrome have impairments that lead to less than average balance and control over their bodies. Haibach and Lieberman (2013) investigated the self-efficacy of balance in these children using the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale. In order to do this, children with CHARGE syndrome were matched by gender and...

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Cyclothymic, Bipolar I and Bipolar II Disorders

Cyclothymic disorder, bipolar I and bipolar II are all intense mood disorders, the first being rare, that do affect the overall emotional states of individuals in varying degrees. Cyclothymic disorder is a mood disorder, yet less severe in individuals than that of bipolar I or II disorder. With cyclothymic disorder,...

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Assessing and Treating Clients with Bipolar Disorder

Introduction and Description of Bipolar DisorderThe client in this case study has been diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder. The nature of this level of Bipolar Disorder includes manic episodes that last “at least 7 days, or...are so severe that the person needs immediate hospital care” (Bipolar Disorder, 2016). In addition...

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Bipolar Disorder in Young Adults

“Premature Mortality from General Medical Illnesses among Persons with Bipolar Disorder”People with bipolar disorder are at higher risk to premature death from medical disorders. Patients are more likely to smoke heavy and a higher exposure to second hand smoke which ties in to the higher risk to premature death. Bipolar...

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Bipolar Disorder as a Type Of Depression

Bipolar disorder is a type of depression which can take many forms, some of which are still not fully understood by the medical profession and remain controversial. The two main and best understood forms, however, are Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2. Both diseases are characterized by alternating episodes of depression...

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How can Human Services be used to treat the Effects of Discrimination to Prevent the Decline of Mental Health in Undocumented Mexican Immigrant Parents

Literature ReviewTheoretical and Historical Perspectives The Mexican immigrant demographic is one of the largest and fastest growing in the United States. A large number of these individuals are undocumented, which means that they face a two-fold problem – they face discrimination that accompanies being an immigrant, and they have little...

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Biopsychosocial Theory of Addiction

The Biopsychosocial model of addiction is a multidimensional framework used to better understand the contributing factors of addiction (Levin, 1989). This model draws from the biological, psychological, and social theories - or the contributing factors of addiction. Biological factors concern the genetic predisposition of addiction as well as the impact...

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Emotional Impacts of Parkinson’s disease on Hispanics Men Living in NYC

Parkinson’s disease is a common neurodegenerative disease. Tit affects approximately 2% of the elderly people in the United States. Studies show that there is a clear difference for the onset of Parkinson’s disease in sex and race distribution. One of the emotional impacts of Parkinson disease among the males is...

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Mental Health Issues

A mental health illness is one that can affect the way that a person thinks or feels and can also affect their mood. When someone has a mental health illness, they may have difficulty in relating to others and with daily functioning. Mental health illnesses will affect everyone differently and...

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Sports Psychology: Annotated Bibliography

Nideffer, R. M. (2012). Theory of attentional and personal style vs. test of attentional and interpersonal style (TAIS). Enhanced Performance Systems, 1-34.Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D. is a researcher and a practitioner with more than thirty-five years experience in the exploration of the concentration skills of individuals, emotional arousal, and the...

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Psychological Factors that Affect Mental Health in Older Adults

Numerous psychological factors affect mental health in older adults. The topic of the current discussion covers these factors and their implications for mental health in elderly populations. More precisely, the issue to be considered is how stress changes the patterns of coping and mental health in older adults. Stress is...

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The Impact of Racial Microaggressions on Mental Health

The growing body of research reveals that racism aggression remains a critical factor in the causation of mental distress, despite the unacceptable status of overt discrimination in the modern society. The study by Nadal et al. (2014) explored the effect of racial microaggressions on the mental health of people of...

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Cannabis And Mental Health

Cannabis is one of the most illegal used substances in many countries across the world (Minnes, Lang & Singer, (2011). The use of cannabis is linked to psychosis and a wide range of subclinical psychiatric symptoms, but the strength is determined by dosage and age during the first use (Minnes...

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How Can Understanding of Psychological Development Help Better Prepare Healthcare Professionals?

Understanding of people’s psychological development can help healthcare professionals better prepare for providing quality care. Lifespan development guru John Santrock sees development as a pattern of change and movement starting with a person’s conception, lasting throughout the while life, and ending with his or her death. Unlike earlier studies on...

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