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Mental health

Deep Brain Stimulation

For those with DBS, the diathermy energy can be conveyed through the implanted system which can cause tissue destruction at the site of the implanted electrodes, consequential to serious injury or even death (Yeoh, 2016). Neuro-stimulator system can also be destroyed by diathermy components resulting in loss of therapy. Summary...

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Brain Injury

Among the millions of surgeries done today, Coronary Artery Bypass graft surgery (CABG) is one of the most performed. “Approximately 800,000 patients each year undergoing the procedure worldwide”1. When an individual has coronary artery disease (CAD), it means the narrowing of the coronary arteries by fat deposits. The coronary arteries...

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Anesthesia: Problems and Solutions

Anesthesia, a term derived from the Greek language refers to the loss of sensation. When administered, anesthesia makes it possible to perform painful and invasive procedures on a patient with as little distress as possible. There are three types of anesthesia which include general, regional and local anesthesia. They differ...

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Marfan Syndrome: Case Study

Miguel is a 15-year-old male who presents for a sports physical. He is a healthy adolescent with no complaints. He plays basketball. He is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 198 pounds. You note long arms and long thin fingers. He has joint laxity in his wrists, shoulders, and...

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Cigarette Smoking and Arteriosclerosis

Cigarette smoking is a worldwide epidemic, especially among the younger generation. When young people repeatedly embrace the drug, they become addicted as they grow. Cigarette smoking poses serious health threats not only in the US but also other parts of the globe. The essay will expound on how cigarette smoking...

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