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Mental health

Anxiety Disorders in African Americans in Brooklyn, New York and Methods of Intervention

This paper will describe how anxiety disorders among African Americans in Brooklyn can be recognized, treated and even prevented. In regard to the public health goals in the Take Care New York 2016 Preliminary Plan, one of the goals is to promote mental health. Recognizing and assisting the African American...

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Reflective Account: Brain Injury Patients and Holistic Approaches to Care

There are believed to be an estimated two million people that experience a brain injury or brain accident annually in America, frequently landing them in the emergency room. A large percentage of these injuries are believed to be mild and moderate cases that often are left untreated, however, many of...

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Spirituality in Mental Health

Spirituality involves “the belief and obedience to anal powerful force usually called God” that they believe controls their purpose in life (Verghese, 2008). There are many means to spirituality according to the University of Maryland Medical Center (2015) it is the way that people find the meaning, hope, comfort, and...

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Importance of Suicidal Treatments

In modern society, high levels of stress lead many people to depression and may even influence them to take their own lives. People often tend to focus on suicide prevention rather than treating suicidal attempts. This is important because treatments of suicidal attempts may significantly reduce the probability of any...

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Health-Medical Psychology: Bipolar Disorder

As an emerging population, the African American ethnic minority group is one of largest minority population within the U.S. As a people, African Americans origin indicates African ancestry, however many African Americans are of non-African American ancestors. This emerging population is largely descendants of slaves, which is defined as individuals...

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