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Mental health

The Auditory Hallucinations Intervention Guide: Promoting recovery with an interactive assessment tool

Summary of Article and Strengths/Weaknesses The article by Trygstand, Buccheri, Buffum, Ju, and Dowling (2015) presented an overview of a new tool called the Auditory Hallucinations Interview guide, which is a relatively short, 32-item tool that can help nurses working in a psychiatric department. The Auditory Hallucinations Interview guide was...

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Balance and Self Efficacy of Balance in Children with Charge Syndrome

Children with CHARGE syndrome have impairments that lead to less than average balance and control over their bodies. Haibach and Lieberman (2013) investigated the self-efficacy of balance in these children using the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale. In order to do this, children with CHARGE syndrome were matched by gender and...

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Cyclothymic, Bipolar I and Bipolar II Disorders

Cyclothymic disorder, bipolar I and bipolar II are all intense mood disorders, the first being rare, that do affect the overall emotional states of individuals in varying degrees. Cyclothymic disorder is a mood disorder, yet less severe in individuals than that of bipolar I or II disorder. With cyclothymic disorder,...

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Assessing and Treating Clients with Bipolar Disorder

Introduction and Description of Bipolar DisorderThe client in this case study has been diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder. The nature of this level of Bipolar Disorder includes manic episodes that last “at least 7 days, or...are so severe that the person needs immediate hospital care” (Bipolar Disorder, 2016). In addition...

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Bipolar Disorder in Young Adults

“Premature Mortality from General Medical Illnesses among Persons with Bipolar Disorder”People with bipolar disorder are at higher risk to premature death from medical disorders. Patients are more likely to smoke heavy and a higher exposure to second hand smoke which ties in to the higher risk to premature death. Bipolar...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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