The purpose of an effective website is to satisfy both the objectives of the owner and the users. For business organizations, a website should advance the business goals by providing relevant information to users. However, the user experience determines the extent at which the goals can be achieved (Morrison). Good websites are able to balance the business goals with users’ experience through design.
The first impression of the MFlynn’s website tells the users what it is all about. The page opens with animations and pictures of jewelry and their descriptions. Any user who opens the page can easily tell that it is involved in issues related to jewelry. A closer look at the information presented in the main menu then tells the user it is a commercial site involved in selling jewelry. There are links to various items and their process and main menu items on user registration and online payment services.

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The look and feel of the website match the products featured and thus the business goals. It uses the same design and themes in all its pages. For instance, the background color and jewelry images are present on each page. The images and themes are also relevant to the business goals. The website shows images of different types of jewelry while the background color represents the brand of the business as a company dealing in jewelry.

The design is effective in enhancing the function and usability of the website. Function and usability involve considering what the users will be looking for and the best ways to achieve their goals (Morrison). This website allows users to return to the homepage from all other pages, and the main menu items can be accessed from any page. The links and menu items are visible to users and their functionality indicated. It is easy for any user to find what they need in this website and thus accomplish the business goals.

The content on the website is up to date and interactive. The menu items lead users to their preferred categories of items in which they find images, description and the price of each jewelry item. The content presented is relevant to the business goals of selling the jewelry. Users are able to get the prices and also access a wide range of products for comparison. The information in the menu items is relevant in directing users to various functions. For example, new users are directed by the menu items in the registration process.

The website has effectively used defensive and persuasive elements. Defensive and persuasive elements are the good references to a website that improves its credibility and accessibility (Morrison). The website provides users with a link to professionals dealing in jewelry and features jewelry by famous artists in the products available to customers. The website has social media integration features to improve its accessibility. There are links to Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram from the homepage and main menu items. The contact details can be easily accessible from any page. Also, each page directs the users to the business stores where they can find the items on physical display. The URL address used to access the website is related to the name of the company, and thus, the users can easily search for the website using the name of the company.

The design of MFlynn’s website is effective in representing the business objectives. Users can easily relate the website with the products offered and continue to make their purchasing decisions through navigation on the website. The menu items are clearly labeled and placed at the top of every page. The content presented is important and directs users in making decisions and in accessing the available business services.

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